The act of smelling perfume is an evocative and evanescent experience. “Drops” was born from my desire to visually express this intimate experience. Discovering the reaction between liquid fragrances and photographic paper I came to develop a process to capture the image of a fragrance. In a photo laboratory, one drop of each fragrance is applied on photographic paper. Once the perfume has dried, the paper is exposed to light. The final step consist of developing the clichés, and allowing the perfume to appear. The image of a fragrance is revealed. Each photo, abstract and poetic, reveals the imprint of a perfume. A unique mark based on its chemical composition. “Drops” brings together a collection of 100 original photogramm. The images still holds a hint of perfume essences, creating a new link between the visual and the olfactory.

— Original photograms and self published book, 2016