ModulorCité Radieuse


This photo series was created from a fictional character inspired by the Modulor of Le Corbusier. 


The Modulor is an architectural concept invented by Le Corbusier in 1945. A standardized human silhouette used to design the structure and size of the housing units designed by the architect, such as the Cité Radieuse of Marseille. According to him, it should allow maximum comfort in the relations between man and his living space. Thus, Le Corbusier thinks to create a system more adapted than the metric system, because it is directly related to the human morphology, and hopes to see one day the replacement of the metric measurements.


It was part of a publication for the Master Product Design of ECAL exhibition staged in the Cité Radieuse Apartment 50, from 4 to 19 July 2015.


— Work in collaboration with Sabina Vera Bösch, 2015