The power of thought fascinates me even more when it can be translated through images. Synesthesia is an artistic project that visually and experimentally translates the movements of thought in photography.


In order to give life to this project, I went to meet synesthetes. In other words, people who live a phenomenon were their senses are crossed, in wich two of their senses automatically associate and merge. In this case, the sense of smell will be related to the view. For example, for some of my subjects, the smell of burnt toast resulted in the sight of a green round shape with bright red spots. While the smell of banana is represented by a large blue triangular shape with brown contours.


To visually translate what my subjects described to me, I made an ingenious device that worked like a scanner, allowing me to create photos from a bank of shapes and colors.


Through this process, the image then became the direct extension of the inner perception of the synesthetes encountered. Today, my project brings together a collection of abstract and poetic photographs that create a new link between the visual and the olfactory.


— Ongoing