Through GlassÀ travers le verre


Through Glass series is a darkroom work whose subject is the perfume bottle and the stories it contains. The delicate materials in which the vessels are carved allows to transcend form through its facets, its colors, its plays of transparency and opacity, creating projected shadows and light reflections.


For several years now, I have been collecting perfume bottles abandoned by their owners. Often, I am entrusted with the story related to these abandons in which I find a certain poetry. Fragrances forgotten, neglected, too disturbing in their intensity, obsolete or evoking painful memories still too present. Multiple reasons are thus mentioned to me. 


The small containers harvested are diverse and varied. I am interested in their shapes, their colors. They are sometimes stocky, sometimes elongated and often accompanied by a little message such as: “It does not fit me” or “It reminds me of my ex”. Over time, I built this collection tenderly called the Salon of the Refusés. And it’s this collection that I wanted to photograph. As small as they are, these vials have an enormous potential for evoking the senses and poetry. They alone represent the one and only materialization of the scent they contain.


It is with this same truth that I decided to photograph them and make visible what they evoke both artistically and emotionally. Sometimes lying down or proudly standing, the unloved vials tell us the vagaries of past loves.